Classical music will be played in a troubled London housing estate to disperse troublemakers and calm residents.

Classical music is being enlisted in the fight against crime on the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham, north London. Police officers are planning to play classical music in the estate in the hope that it will promote a calm atmosphere, soothe residents, and ward off troublemakers. 

Adam Weber, 23, the constable in charge of law and order on the estate, is a recruit from the Police Now scheme that focuses on reform and innovation. He was inspired by the idea of classical music as a crime-fighting tool following a pilot scheme that played music in 40 London Underground stations to reduce antisocial behaviour.

“Incidents of verbal and physical abuse fell where it was installed, so I thought, ‘Let’s give this a go’”, Weber told The Sunday Times.

His solutions thus far appear to be effective. He also asked the council to disconnect the electricity supply to a communal area in Tangmere block where gang members congregate to charge their mobile phones. “I hoped they would go home when their batteries died,” he said. “And it seems to be working”.